Hi! I'm Lester

I teach cs

I'm a computer science educator based in NYC. My materials are publicly available (when possible) and can be accessed here. I'm always happy to chat about education!

I like art

  • glimmer - An abstract illustration of a black figure holding up a red diamond that is emitting yellow light.
  • sun shines through a window - A red circle sits in the top left corner. A yellow triangle extends past a tilted blue rectangle and becomes orange on the other side.
  • nightmare - A distorted dark purple figure hovers above a pink figure under blankets in bed. Behind the bed are green shapes that resemble trees, and a moon that is also pink.

You can see more of my artwork on instagram.

I make stuff

Click a thumbnail for more info! You can see more of my projects on github.

Get in touch :)

Email me at contact@lester-lee.com!