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Section 2.2 | Distributions

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Heart Failure

Scatterplot with resting blood pressure on the X axis against cholesterol on the Y axis. Red color indicates heart disease. Bigger circles correspond to greater maximum heart rates acheived.

I used a heart failure prediction dataset from Kaggle for this assignment. Getting the points on the page was straightforward, as well as adding more scales to adjust the color and the size of each circle.

I again had a lot of difficulty with positioning the text, especially the rotated Y-axis label. I definitely have a better understanding of transform and rotate now, but I feel like there’s a better way to do it than what I currently have.

I used css to make the labels appear on hover, but it’s not ideal right now because they appear under other data points and can be hard to read. Hopefully as I continue to work with d3 I figure out better ways of showing data points!

In terms of learning something about the dataset, it doesn’t seem like there’s a clear relationship between resting blood pressure or cholesterol; these measures also don’t seem to have a clear relationship with heart disease.