Task Review

Share Photos and Videos

Fredrik is an avid hiker who loves finding beautiful natural features while outdoors. However, what he likes even more than finding these things is sharing them with his friends. It is sometimes difficult for him to do so as his friends don’t always have time to come with him when he wants to wander. He currently sends photos to his friends via text messaging and Instagram, but he wishes he could bestow on them a more personal experience. Fredrik is looking for ways in which he can share even more about the locations that he finds with his friends without them being there with him.

Share Personal Creations

Kris is a student who enjoys reading and writing poetry in their free time. They find that they write best when they are outdoors, especially during times of extreme weather. They wish people could have a better understanding of how nature serves as their muse. One day during a thunderstorm, Kris watches lightning strike a tree and writes a poem about the incident. They attach their poem to the tree. In the future, people who see the tree will also be able to see the poem and learn about how it came to be.

Ask Detailed Questions

Taylor loves animals. She also enjoys biking and other outdoor oriented activities, and spends her free time going on hikes on the nearby trails. She is in the woods one day and hears a strange noise that she’s never heard before. Taylor isn’t sure what kind of animal this is, but is worried it might be dangerous or hurt. She uploads the sound, pictures of several animal tracks, her location, and her description of what she thinks might have happened. Someone sees her question and tells her that the source of the sound she heard is a crying badger.

Share Educational Information

Max is a resident biology teacher whose main field of interest is invasive species in his town. He doesn’t have much time to talk about invasive species while he’s teaching, but he knows that students and friends would love to have more information. While he can answer their questions, he wants to share his knowledge with even more people. On his way to work, he sees a vine and attaches information about how the species was brought into the area. Now people who see the vine will be aware of its status as an invasive species.

Hold Anonymous Discussions

Maria is an established painter and a local museum is holding a special exhibit to showcase some of her work. She goes to unveiling night, where there are mostly her biggest supporters. She knows that they would give her only biased feedback on what they think of her work, so she anonymously checks what other people feel about her exhibit. Maria also anonymously shares her own thoughts about her paintings with her viewers, but without influencing them with the knowledge that she is the creator. She enjoys seeing the honest opinions about her work.

Find Motivation to go Outdoors

Christina is not the most outdoorsy person. Nonetheless she is incredibly curious. She frequently feels that the reason that she does not venture outdoors more is that her sense of curiosity can’t be fulfilled just by walking around without the opportunity to learn more in depth about what she is seeing. Therefore, Christina is a big fan of museums. She is also quite competitive and would love to have a way for her outdoor adventures to be quantified and compared with others.