CS397 Information Visualization

Basic Visualizations / D3

The goal of the following visualizations is for me to get some practice using visualization tools and to get a feel for creating different types of visualizations. The Javascript is /f2018-info-vis/assets/basicvis/visualize.js

I will be using the following dataset:

[16, 28, 11, 3, 40, 10, 3, 34, 45, 34, 17, 26, 41, 45, 15, 0, 23, 45, 21, 30]

The numbers do not represent anything; this is just for me to become familiar with reading in data and generating a visualization using those numbers.

These are done using D3.js. The basic scheme of using D3 is to:

  1. Append svg element to div
  2. Attach data to the svg
  3. Figure out the correct axes scaling
  4. Append appropriate svg shapes & corresponding attributes

This can change depending on the type of chart, though, but gives a general sense of what should be done. There is a lot to think about even when creating something like a bar chart. It took me a while to get a sense of how D3 works, and there are a lot of minute details that I end up missing or getting wrong, like margins and axes. I will look at using external libraries as well as other visualization tools (such as Tableau).

Bar Charts

Horizontal Bars

Vertical Bars

Line Chart

Misc / Resources

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