Have questions? Answers?
Ever experience something you want to know more about, but not know what to look up? We think it should be easy to both articulate questions you want to ask and get answers to them. By taking advantage of other people’s knowledge, we can always be actively learning.

Design Process

We wanted to refine our idea into a product that is useful and intuitive. We talked to geocachers, wanderers, museum-goers: people who walk around and run into new cool things all the time, and we learned about the questions they asked and the answers they had. We used that information as we iterated through many different versions of our design, improving on something each time.


A mobile platform that centers around location-based information and curiosity satisfaction. The platform will allow users to collaboratively share information, either by asking or answering questions, based on specific locations.

Post a Pin

Digital mockup creating pin
Have a question? A soundbyte to share? Create a Pin for others to see and respond to!

Reply to a Pin

Digital mockup replying to a pin
Know something others don't? Have an answer to a question? Respond to an existing Pin!

Interactive Prototype

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