Project Report

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Alyssa Wang: Designer

Karl Böcker: Designer

Lester Lee: Designer

Problem and Solution Overview

While it is possible to jot down a note about a cool thing you see in the wild, sometimes it can be hard to even know what to jot down. We think it should be easy to both articulate questions you want to ask and get answers to them. By taking advantage of other people’s knowledge, we can always be actively learning. Our solution is a mobile platform that centers around location-based information and curiosity satisfaction. The platform will allow users to collaboratively share information, either by asking or answering questions, based on specific locations.

Design Research Goals, Stakeholders, and Participants

Here is a link to our design research goals, stakeholders, and participants.

Design Research Results and Themes

Here is a link to our design research results and themes.

Task Analysis Questions

Here is a link to our task analysis questions.

Proposed Design Sketches (“3x4”)

Here is a link to our proposed design sketches.

Our Choice (Mobile) and Written Scenarios (“1x2”)

Here is a link to our choice and written scenarios.